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The Event Tribe is an exclusive community that connects Utah-based event executives, allowing them to spark each other’s creativity and share best practices through a unique combination of interactive, face-to-face  events and a private, online platform.

If you are an event executive inside the corporate, association, or academic space and would like to request an invitation, please select the “Join Tribe” button.

Meet the Tribe Owners

Mara Shelley

Tribe Owner

I feel passionate about helping tribes succeed in any way that I can.  I'be always been a strong empathetic and a natural helper.  This job plays right into my strengths. 

I was born in Oregon but raised mostly in Utah. I moved to CT for 5 years and then on a hobby farm rural Idaho for 6 years.  We moved back to Utah Valley 4 years ago.  I have 6 beautiful children, 3 girls, 3 boys.  

I have a Bachelors degree in Nursing from BYU.  I reentered the work force 3 years ago at Tribalry.  I function as a Tribe Leader and Trainer. I am here to assist the Event Tribe in any way that I can.  

This tribe is independently owned and operated by a licensee of Tribalry. The views and opinions expressed on this webpage do not reflect those of Tribalry or any of its affiliates.