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The General Counsel Tribe brings together Utah-based legal executives with others who hold this specialized role. This exclusive community of peers allows you to develop trusted allies and advisors through a unique combination of interactive, face-to-face events and a private, online platform centered on discussion forums and best practice sharing.

If you serve as a general counsel inside an executive team and would like to join the General Counsel Tribe, select the Request an Invitation button.

Tribe Values

Counsel Club: Building strong bridges of connection and trust.

Collaboration is the most effective means of advancement and we make creating deep levels of connection and trust the priority. Whether working or vacationing together, this tribe has each other’s back.

Legal Eagles: Learning and sharing the secrets of our field.

We not only help each other deepen the depth and breadth of our legal knowledge, but also work together to share the business and financial expertise needed to be a fully functioning member of the executive team.

Escape Artists: Embracing the good life together.

We live in a fast-paced, competitive environment. This day-to-day stress needs to be balanced with the other demands of life. We mentor each other on ways to achieve an effective life eco-system.

Meet the Tribe Owners

Jared Stewart

Tribe Owner

Hi, my name is Jared Stewart and I'm the Founder of Tribalry.

Tribalry is the world's first, fully-integrated system for Tribes, i.e. any group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest. Our purpose is to connect professionals to strengthen and support the industry as a whole as well as provide a strong network for all of our members. We have 20 years of experience at connecting people efficiently and at a deeper

level. Our commitment to achieving this objective has allowed us to become the most advanced community building system in the world.

I'm never more alive than after I discover a new principle and attempt to apply it. My business and personal development hero's include Charles Haanel, James Allen, Nepolean Hill, Walt Disney and Seth Godin. I do my best to live by the motto Fail Faster and I'm on a mission to eliminate all fear from my life. I love building companies and tribes that make this world a better place.

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