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There is nothing like spending time in the great outdoors, using your wits to track an animal or fowl. The Utah Hunting Tribe cultivates a strong community of people just like you.

Utah Hunting Tribe features News Posts, where experts from the hunting industry share insights on the latest products and techniques. All great hunts have great stories to go along with them, and we want to hear them. With our unique platform you can share your hunting stories, join tribe fire forum discussions, and visual media. This is where passionate hunters just like you collaborate and connect with one another on a deeper level. And it wouldn't be complete without the Tribe Calendar, a comprehensive listing all all the state's hunting-related events, that will keep you in the know.  And who doesn't want to WIN FREE GEAR? That's easy, we have that too. We've "gamified" the platform by gifting you coins for each interaction of connection; that you can use as currency to bid on gear in tribe auctions. Did we mention - it's FREE!?

That isn't all. We all know deep relationships require some face-to-face interaction, so we've combined the power of the Tribalry online platform with live events organized by our tribe members and sponsors.

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Meet the Tribe Owners

Jessica Devenish

Tribe Owner

Hunting is our hobby. Time with family and friends is our passion.

I've had the pleasure of being able to enjoy the outdoors at a young age; my father being an avid outdoors-man we tagged along regularly. Luckily, I married someone who also shared our passion growing up. And now we are carrying the tradition down to our five children.

Kelly Devenish

Tribe Owner

I enjoy the outdoors, especially time with my family. I grew up in Wyoming, that is where my love for the outdoors and hunting began. If I wasn't in school or football practice I was on the mountain hunting or fishing any chance I could. My passion lies in high country mulies, and big predators; mountain lions and bears.

Teaching my children how to hunt has been fun and rewarding; I look forward to time hunting with my kids more than I do hunting for myself. Mixing old traditions with new ones has been very fulfilling. 

Kevin Jensen

Tribe Owner

Born and raised in Mapleton Utah, I was able to hunt and fish right from home. If I wasn't on the baseball field I had a gun or fishing pole in my hand and was out till dark or until my mom would drive across town and pick me up from the foothills.

My Uncle had a subscription to every outdoor and hunting magazine there was, and when he was done reading them I would take them all home and read from cover to cover. The stories that drew me in most were bowhunting stories about Alaska and Canada, especially when the author hunted with a recurve or longbow. I grew up shooting an old recurve, but I think it was those old stories that endeared me to traditional archery, and the reason I still love it today. I still love to hunt with my muzzleloader and rifle, but given the choice I'll take my recurve every time.

If I'm not hunting or fishing you can usually find me at the archery range shooting leagues or tournaments.

I currently live in Springville, have 3 awesome kids and a brand new Grand Daughter. My kids share my love of the outdoors and archery. 

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