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You are invited to join the only LDS women's tribe on Tribalry. 

Read open and honest articles on gospel living. 

Join discussions in a private, moderated online space where you can feel comfortable discussing real life issues with women who share your faith and find support from sisters like you. 

Get to know other LDS women online and in person at events. 

We are based in Utah and host meet ups at Tribehouse in Orem, Utah and surrounding areas. We understand many people are not close enough to attend, but still want the benefit of belonging to the tribe, please know that everyone is welcome to join.  

You are a sister. You are a saint. You belong here. Join now!

See you on the tribe!

Meet the Tribe Owners

Wendy Santiano

Tribe Owner

My mission each day is clear: Be a light, help build the kingdom, strengthen the women around me to see themselves for who they really are, bring the children to Christ, and love everyone.

I have dedicated my life to this.

I am a mother to six crazy kids who teach me something new every day. I am married to a talented man, Rod Santiano, who knows how to make everyone look even more amazing on camera. I am a thinker who writes only to give my thoughts a home. I love to build communities to connect all the amazing people I meet - there are so many amazing people in this world. If I take your picture it is probably without makeup so that you can see your natural beauty. And I love to tell stories.

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