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Music makers have the power to change lives, move leaders, and heal the afflicted. Musicians sometimes forget that music doesn't just entertain, but allows the greatest thinkers and creators in the world to think bigger and allow the inspiration that moves the world forward in almost every way.  If you want to create more emotional/professional music, if you want to learn how to earn a real living with your music, have a deep passion making music, are in the music industry, want to connect with musicians, or aspire to share your music, then you have found your tribe. Our online community is a collection of valuable interviews with music industry experts that will help you create music and make money, discussion forums with peers to help answer questions and form collaborations, stories from others in the industry that will inspire your creations, and community concert and event information - all on a ridiculously fun gamified member site where you can earn free gear, trips, and food!  Energetic monthly networking parties are held at a state of the art facility with industry powerhouses in all areas of the business(sound, producers, instrumentalists, vocalists, songwriters, composers, music video directors, YouTube experts, promoters, marketers and more) and we combine the power of the Tribalry online platform with live events organized by our tribe members and sponsors. Request an invitation to join the Utah Music Tribe by clicking on the "Join Tribe" button and tell us more about why you are passionate about music.

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Nathaniel Drew

Tribe Owner

The Utah Music Tribe is an explosive and powerful group of musicians and music industry professionals helping each other through networking, collaborations, and honing their craft. From amateurs to Billboard topping musicians, the people in the music tribe are all looking for ways to learn and grow and help each other succeed!

I grew up in Provo,  UT with 8 kids in my family. I began playing piano at 4 and trombone at 12. I began singing in youth choirs at 5. At Timpview High School I began writing orchestral music at age 15, and won several awards. I also placed this in the nation at discus. 

In college I studied film scoring, jazz, and popular music at UCLA, the University of Utah and UVU,  and ended up with internships working with James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer. 

I began winning awards for my music in feature films from national and international film festivals. 

In 2013 I found dedicated the Salt Lake Pops Orchestra and amassed millions of views. I've worked with Lindsey Stirling, Alex Boye, Madilyn Paige, Shaun Barrowes, Alfred Bowe, David Osmond,  Jesse Funk, Jenny Oaks Baker, Aaliyah Rose,  and many other artists and YouTube stars. 

I recently began a youth Pops Orchestra called EPOCH, and created a business helping musicians get on the National Billboard lists called the Billboard Hot 100 Program. 

I'm currently training to throw discus at the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo, and having a blast getting ready. 

My wife Emily, sons Liam and Peter,  and 1 year old daughter Genevieve are my muses. 

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