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"It takes a village to raise a child" is the vision behind the Parenting Tribe. Our online village offers powerful assistance to parents by providing expert advice, written by parents, and a safe place to share hands-on experiences to encourage, inform, and uplift them in their significant and demanding role. 

 Willing parents equipped with tools and beneficial insights, make for strong families! 

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Janae Moss

Tribe Owner

I have been a parent in every way you can imagine. I've been an adoptive mother, kinship care, a stepmother, and I'm the mother to my own biological children.

All total, I have six daughters and one son — and a devotion, born out of experience, to helping all parents get support in every way possible. When I discovered Help Me Grow, I identified the perfect vehicle for my passion, and when I was asked to be the Parent Champion of Help Me Grow Utah, I said yes. 

I didn’t know quite what that title meant to me, but I knew for sure that I wasn’t the only “parent champion” in the state. I understood intuitively that parents across Utah would benefit from recognizing their innate voice and ability to be leaders in their communities. 

This certainty led me to found the Parent Advocacy Council, with the support of my mentor, Barbara Leavitt. The PAC serves as a system to empower parents to make significant positive change in their communities. Currently, monthly PAC meetings are popping up in cities all over Utah, led by parents trained in the Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework, the Community Cafe model, and the PAC system. A unique blend of private and public partners supports this undertaking, 

I have been blogging for over a decade and enjoy using my experience in social media as a another means of spreading messages of empowerment to parents. Writing, in fact, gave me the voice and clarity of purpose to support parents I come in contact with. is the perfect tool to continue spreading these messages and The Parent Tribe is a perfect place for all of us to be!

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