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TribeRED connects Utah-based land owners, developers, and investors who have $1 million or more in assets. This exclusive community of peers allows you to develop trusted allies and advisors through a unique combination of interactive, face-to-face events and a private, online platform.

TribeRED’s physical and virtual connecting experiences allow tribe members to alert each other to the latest opportunities and mentor each with best practices as they navigate the path of risk and reward of real that is estate development.

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Meet the Tribe Owners

Michael Wright

Tribe Owner

Michael Wright is the President of Giza Development. He has a Business Management degree from the University of Utah. The first ten years of his career, Mike was involved in design/build construction, construction management, and construction marketing. This building background has provided valuable experience to the development process. He also has extensive experience in master planning, entitlements, aligning funding resources, property management and leasing. He understands the overall real estate development process. His business network is a valuable resource for any development project. From concept to completion, Mike knows that every project is unique and individual attention and planning is necessary for it to be a success.

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