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United we stand.

The US Leadership Council connects public servants along the Wasatch Front in an effort to build bridges of respect between our federal, state and local representatives. Together, we work to master the principles of effective government by facilitating open dialogue and mentoring between leaders who are passionate about the United States of America and its future. The US Leadership Council is a unique combination of interactive, face-to-face events and collaborative online forums.

If you have held or run for elected office and would like to request an invitation to join the US Leadership Council, please click on the Join Tribe button.

Meet the Tribe Owners

Jan Garbett

Tribe Owner

Jan Garbett, a native of Salt Lake City, received a B.A. in English from the University of Utah.

A wife, mother and grandmother, advocating for children is a natural for Jan who is founder of EPIK Deliberate Digital, which focuses on the positive side of technology and kids.

She ran in 2016 for Lieutenant Governor. Jan has served on arts and youth boards locally and internationally with FUTURE, traveling to Washington D.C.and Iraq to training charitable and non-profit formation fundamentals to Iraqi women.

Jan is a founder of Foundation Escalera which provides opportunities for education amongst the poorest in Chiapas, Mexico.

Vaughn Cook

Tribe Owner

Vaughn R. Cook was born in Logan, Utah, educated in public schools in Utah and Idaho and graduated from USU with a degree in Political Science.

He is the founder and CEO for ZYTO, a software/technology company in Lindon. Vaughn has advanced degrees in Oriental Medicine and is an OMD (Oriental Medical Doctor).

He has run for office twice, but alas, has never been elected. Nevertheless, he remains politically active and committed to better government.

RaDene Hatfield

Tribe Owner

As the daughter of a Utah legislative leader, RaDene Hatfield’s interest in “Government for and by the People” began early her life. Inspired by her father and the public servants he served with, she earned a BA in Political Science from USU and a MA in Public Policy from University of Minnesota.

RaDene has worked for a wide range of non-profit organizations including Provo Education Foundation, Timpanogos Storytelling Institute, Little Heroes Foundation and United Way of Utah County. In 2008 she ran to represent Provo in the Utah State Senate.

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