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The US Leadership Council connects public servants along the Wasatch Front in an effort to build bridges of respect between our federal, state and local representatives. Together, we work to master the principles of effective government by facilitating open dialogue and mentoring between leaders who are passionate about the United States of America and its future. The US Leadership Council is a unique combination of interactive, face-to-face events and collaborative online forums.

If you have held or run for elected office and would like to request an invitation to join the US Leadership Council, please click on the Join Tribe button.

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Tess Roundy

Tribe Owner

Hello! I'm from Carlsbad California. I graduated High School from Carlsbad High School in 2015. Since then I have been trying to get on my feet, I've tried a couple of Universities and Colleges and took a year off. During my gap year I started working at Tribalry. It's been a great place to work. People are constantly reminding me to follow my dreams and making sure I am happy doing the work I'm doing.

This year I am attending Utah Valley University. It's nice to be back in school. I've been staying very busy with class, work, and studying with any free time I have.

These last few years I have gained an interest in US Government. In a college political science class my teacher was adamant about local government. Insisting that if you wanted to make a change- local government is where to start to make that change! That being said, I am very excited to learn more about each of you and your role in government.

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