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Do you celebrate the individual's innate ability to heal, rejuvenate, and transcend? Do you embrace the power of intuition, empathy and mindfulness as you navigate and share cutting-edge industry research, practices and technology?

Then you've found your tribe.

This community brings together Utah wellness professionals and helps them build allies and advisors with other passionate practitioners of holistic wellness. This is done through interactive, face-to-face events as well as a private, online platform centered on alternative healing-centered discussion forums and sharing.

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Meet the Tribe Owners

Vaughn Cook

Tribe Owner

Born: April 13, 1950, Logan, Utah (a long time ago). The physician who delivered me told my mother I looked like I would be a doctor. My mother’s aunt, who was an RN told her the same thing. Perhaps my mother telling me this has shaped my destiny.

Education:       Sky View High School, Smithfield, UT

       Undergraduate: USU, Logan, UT – BS – Political Science/Economics/Business Administration

       Post-Graduate: Orient Medical Institute of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI – Acupuncture

       OMD (Oriental Medical Doctor) – North American Academy of Advanced Asian Medicine (NAAAAM), Santa        Fe, NM/Austin, TX.

Family: Married to Kathryn Carlson for 45 years; five children; fifteen grandchildren.

Career Path:    Real Estate Broker/Developer

       Health Products Company Owner

       Medical Hardware/Software Company Owner

       Clinic Owner – OMD

       Currently: Founder and CEO of ZYTO, Lindon, UT

Hobbies: Working; Cycling; Flying; Learning; Teaching

Misc: Two-time cancer survivor; heart attack(s) survivor; sepsis survivor; all surviving resulted from holistic and allopathic interventions.

BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) for ZYTO: By June 30th 2021, ZYTO, in cooperation with its strategic partners, will have improved the health and well-being of one billion people.

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